About Huberts Happy Healthy Turkeys & Chickens

Gary Hubert and his son Jim have been producing Turkeys and Chickens in the time proven way at Grove Farm, Elmstead Market for 25 years. The Turkeys arrive at the farm as two day old chicks in July and are reared on the farm with plenty of space and light to allow them to grow and live happy and healthy lives.

All members of the team who work to bring you your Turkey for Christmas dinner are approved and inspected by local council environmental health department and DEFRA vets, as are the premises in which the Turkeys and Chickens are kept and prepared for sale, ensuring that they are compliant with environmental health regulations.

The vast majority of our Turkeys and Chickens are sold from the farm straight to the public for Christmas, we often have both Turkeys and Chickens available at other times throughout the year so please do not hesitate to contact us.