The Turkeys and Chickens arrive as two day old chicks at Grove Farm, they are provided with heat lamps initially for the first few weeks. As they grow they require more space so are moved to a bigger building. They are fed a meal based food that contains no genetically modified products, growth promoters or antibiotics.

The birds are reared in small groups in good naturally ventilated light buildings with continuous access to plenty of straw bedding and daylight and are fed on a vegetable/cereal based ration, we now add oregano to the feed to improve the gut health of the turkeys. We don’t use antibiotics routinely and aim to rear the birds as naturally as possible, it is occasionally necessary to provide the birds with medication if they become unwell.

The birds are kept for at least 20 weeks for maturity this ensures maximum flavour of the meat. After humane slaughter the birds are hung for at least 10 days, this hanging process naturally enhances the flavour and texture of the meat. They are then prepared ready for the oven for you the customer to collect them. We are able to provide you with both oven ready and new york dressed turkeys from 3kg to over 10kg for a larger Christmas gathering.

If you desire and specify at ordering time we will free of charge prepare your turkey as a butterfly or turkey crown packing the balance of the meat for you to cook in alternative dishes for example Turkey Curry, Stew, Casseroles etc. Why not try some of the recipes shown on our recipe page. Turkeys and Chickens are boxed on collection with the giblets or without as you desire. Chickens of up to 7kg are available having been naturally reared and processed as the Turkeys.